Managing Green Buildings – where facilities professionals learn about today’s most exciting area of engineering and how it can benefit their own facility 


Facilities Expo's mission has always been to provide those who attend -- facilities and maintenance engineers and managers and energy professionals -- with Best Practices information:  delivering products and services and education to help them improve the running of their facility.


The Managing Green Buildings portion of Facilities Expo takes Best Practices to an even higher level – to that of the “enlightened” facility – the facility that aims to measure up to today’s national standards of green buildings, even net zero energy buildings.  This is truly one of the most exciting areas of engineering in the world today, and the attendees of Facilities Expo are on the front line!


Those who attend Managing Green Buildings want to be up to speed on products and services that can help save energy and water; meet energy and environmental regulations; apply toward LEED, Living Building Challenge or ENERGY STAR certification; qualify them for utility rebates, and more.


Along with the designated Managing Green Buildings section of the show floor, at least half of the educational seminars in the conference focus on energy-efficiency and sustainability.